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HGTVGardens offers tips or keeping rabbits out. ... But Peter, who was very naughty, ran straight away to Mr. McGregor's garden, and squeezed ... areas where natural habitats are limited, this may be all it takes to keep your garden rabbit free.

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Spraying predator urine around a garden can keep rabbits and other prey animals away. How effective this is varies greatly depending on predator species,  ...

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There are three primary strategies for keeping rabbits from eating your favorite ... and to deter jumping, bend the top 5-6" of the fence away from the garden.

How to Naturally and Safely Keep Rabbits Out of a Garden


Mar 4, 2012 ... When hungry rabbits come sniffing, how will you keep them away? There are the brutal options of laying out poison and traps, but if you have ...

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Repellents and other strategies can keep rabbits away from valuable plants without ... Effective low-cost natural repellents include capsaicin or hot pepper spray, ...

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Thursday, April 26, 2007. Question: How do I keep rabbits out of my vegetable and flower garden ? I have used several repellents but they have not been ...

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Discover effective ways for keeping rabbits out of the garden. ... 3 to 6 inches (the deeper the better) and bend the buried portion away from plantings. ... of action, contact local authorities, such as the Department of Natural Resources, and ask ...

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Tip: Use Cat Hair to Keep Rabbits Away from Flowers. If you have a .... Question: Natural Rabbit Repellent. How do I naturally repel rabbits in a garden? By John ...

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How to Keep Rabbits out of Garden Rabbits keep eating the leaves off my tomato's, green ... Is there something I can do to keep them away?

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Rabbits have a great number of natural predators and they may be difficult to ... Just the presence of a dog in your yard may be enough to keep rabbits away.

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Q: I was wondering about some natural solutions for keeping rabbits ...
A: Ok... this may sound funny but it does work. You can spread human hair around the perimeter of your garden. Go to a barber shop or hair dressers and ask for a b... Read More »
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Q: Natural way to keep flies away from my rabbit's hutch...?
A: My rabbit's hutch is kept very very clean but as it's summer there is still flies all about it. I've been looking at fly sprays from the pet shop but they all s... Read More »
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Q: Natural way to keep flies away from my rabbit's hutch...?
A: try buying some large pots of lavender and put them next to the hutch lavender is a natural herb that for some reason and I'm not quite sure why stops insects w... Read More »
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