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A near-death experience (NDE) is a personal experience associated with death or impending death. Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations ...


May 18, 2015 ... An example of the out-of-body component of the near-death experience is the case of Jazmyne Cidavia-DeRepentigny of Hull Georgia.


Download 1,300+ ebooks (PDFs) including editions and articles of the Journal of Near-Death Studies (1981-2015), free NDE books such as "Nothing Better ...


Most of the NDE studies have been retrospective, meaning the researchers looked for people who'd had such an experience to come forward and be ...


Kate M Possible NDE 6/21/2017. Possible NDE 8311. While everything had appeared perfectly normal to me, I was just a child back then. Maybe I had missed ...


Apr 10, 2013 ... A scientist studying near-death experiences wants to know why patients say they' re "even more real than real."


Jul 15, 2016 ... But for some who have been through near-death experiences, the question ... ' Impossible' love story comes true after woman's brush with death.


Near Death Experiences has 19885 members. This group shares information about near-death experiences (NDEs). Sharing information & understanding about ...


Sep 15, 2013 ... These are just a few of the things described by people who have had a near- death experience. And not all of them are as positive. Some ...


Oct 8, 2012 ... As a neurosurgeon, I did not believe in the phenomenon of near-death experiences. I grew up in a scientific world, the son of a neurosurgeon.