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A scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically tune, or scan, two or more discrete ... Modern scanners allow hundreds or thousands of frequencies to be entered via a keypad and stored in various 'memory banks' and can scan at a rapid rate ... Most have Internet presence, such as websites, email lists or Web forums.


Scanner Frequency and Radio Communications Reference Database.


Aviation Frequencies. Amateur Radio Frequencies. Family Radio Service. Cellular. Cordless Phones. Canadian/US International VHF Marine. Satellite ...


Information on police scanner radio frequencies for your home or area. ... Step 1 – First you need to determine the type of trunking system. LTR EDACS Motorola ...


The world's largest radio/scanner frequency database.


However, some frequencies, particularly those used for emergency or inter- agency communications, have been allocated nationally. The following is a list of  ...


Family Radio Service Frequencies ... Free Radio Frequencies for your area ... Get a scanner frequency list by email for your county, parish, borough or district ...


First off, you need to use a scanner with full 800 MHz coverage. ... More importantly, the scanner must receive frequencies such as 856.2375 without ... you can locate a local scanning club and get a list of frequencies in use in your area.


Most official railroad radios that synthesize the frequencies have a window ... When you use a scanner radio to listen to railroad frequencies you will hear: .... Our Amtrak Frequencies Page lists the frequencies Amtrak uses on each of its routes.


Best Police Scanner Frequency Guides – National ... These regional websites typically have ... This site has a list of national frequencies for things like DEA, INS & more.