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Gillnetting is a common fishing method used by commercial and artisanal fishermen of all the ... A fish swims into a net and passes only part way through the mesh. ... Many of the Norwegian immigran...

Aerobic High-Intensity Intervals Improve V˙O2max ... - ResearchGate


Rognmo et al. (19) that high-intensity aerobic interval exercise (80–90% V˙ O2max) was superior to continuous low-intensity exercise (50–60% V˙O2max) in  ...

Birchmeier et al v. Caribbean Cruise Line Inc.


Caribbean Cruise Line, Inc. et al., Northern District of Illinois, Case No. 12-cv- 04069 ... Many, but not all, of the surveys were from Political Surveys of America.

The many meanings of gross photosynthesis and their ... - NCBI


Jun 25, 2015 ... ... (Hew et al. 1969) and V c − 0.5V o − R day to the term 'net photosynthesis'. .... 2009) and potential emissions of COS from soil (Maseyk et al.

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Both gross photosynthesis and net photosynthesis are now key concepts at ... phere and a negative flux the reverse. Equation 1 may also be expressed as. P. V . C. R n ... Vc − 0.5Vo to the term 'apparent photosynthesis' (Hew et al. 1969) and  ...

Best practices in exploratory factor analysis - Practical Assessment ...


factors to retain for rotation, 3) orthogonal vs. ... method of extraction in many popular statistical software packages ... variance appears in the solution (Ford et al., 1986). However ..... Available online: http://pareonline.net/getvn.asp?v=10&n =7.

Regularization and Variable Selection via the Elastic Net (pdf).


We propose the elastic net, a new regularization and variable selection method. ... Although the lasso has shown success in many situations, it has some limitations. ... et al., 2004), and it lacks the ability to reveal the grouping information. ...... Tusher, V., Tibshirani, R. and Chu, C. (2001) Significance analysis of microarrays ...

Who Creates Jobs? Small vs. Large vs. Young* By John ...


All of these studies with the exclusion of Acs et al ..... rate on a large base yields many net new jobs). Figure 1 ...... The Entry and Exit Margins: Establishment vs.

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May 7, 2004 ... Chapter 2: Is It Age or IT: First Steps Toward Understanding the Net ...... many hours playing video games as reading (10,000 versus 5,000).60 The Net ..... George D. Kuh et al., “Student Learning Outside the Classroom: ...

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... of the synset members. Word forms with several distinct meanings are represented in as many distinct synsets. ... WordNet and wordnets. In: Brown, Keith et al.