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The Solar System
From our small world we have gazed upon the cosmic ocean for thousands of years. Ancient astronomers observed points of light that appeared to move among the stars... More »

New Dwarf Planet Found in Our Solar System - Space.com


Oct 11, 2016 ... A new dwarf planet has been discovered orbiting the sun, billions of miles beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Kepler Finds 1st Earth-Size Planet In 'Habitable Zone' of Another ...


While planets have previously been found in the habitable zone, they are all at .... Disney is sending up the new film so the astronauts can watch in orbit, and the ...

ESO Discovers Earth-Size Planet in Habitable Zone of Nearest Star ...


A newly discovered, roughly Earth-sized planet orbiting our nearest ... While the new planet lies within its star's "habitable zone" -- a distance at which ...

Could a Mysterious, Brand New Planet Be to Blame for Our Tilted ...


Oct 20, 2016 ... Could a Mysterious, Brand New Planet Be to Blame for Our Tilted ... Related: How Scientists (Possibly) Found the Solar System's Ninth Planet.

New dwarf planet found in our solar system - Phys.org


Oct 12, 2016 ... (Phys.org)—A team of space scientists at the University of Michigan has discovered a dwarf planet that is approximately half the size of Pluto ...

New dwarf planet found in our solar system, scientists say | The ...


Oct 13, 2016 ... Scientists have found another dwarf planet hiding out in our solar system. The rock – about 330 miles wide and 8.5 billion miles from the sun ...

Proxima b: Closest rocky planet to our solar system found - CNN.com


Aug 24, 2016 ... Earth-like planet discovered orbiting sun's neighbor 00:53 ... b orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, according to a new study.

Astronomers discover 60 new worlds, find 'super Earth' | Fox News


5 days ago ... An international team of astronomers has found 60 new planets orbiting stars close to Earth's solar system, including a rocky “super Earth.”

New Planet Found Orbiting Proxima Centauri - Latest Stories


Aug 24, 2016 ... The alien world is warmed by the light of Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star that sits just 4.24 light-years away.