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Epistle to the Ephesians


The Epistle to the Ephesians, also called the Letter to the Ephesians and often shortened to Ephesians, is the tenth book of the New Testament. Its authorship ...

Ephesians, Queen of the Epistles (Part 1 of 12) - Jack Sequeira


One commentary calls it “the queen of the epistles,” another, “the sublimest ... this epistle that we should spend the next 12 studies going through this book in detail ? ... was called to proclaim the gospel in a very special way to the Gentile world. ... not understand what the New Testament means by this expression “in Christ,” ....

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Entry for 'Ephesians, Book of' - One of 28 Bible dictionaries freely available, this ... as “Imprisonment Epistles” and has been called “The Queen of the Epistles. .... In the New Testament, theology and ethics are bound together; they are never to ...

Ephesians: Living In The Heavenly Places - Word of God Today


Enjoy the Book of Ephesians and start living in the heavenly places. ... been calledQueen of the Epistles;” “the Holy of Holies of the New Testament;”<sup>1</sup> and “ the ...

Chapter 22: The Seven General Epistles


Scrivener, after examining over 4000 manuscripts of the New Testament, said: ... And these seven epistles are called “General” for several reasons. ... Paul's letters, on the other hand (with the exception of one — the Book of Hebrews) ..... emperor, Queen Esther, the emperor's wife, managed to prevent this from happening.

Ephesians: The Grand Canyon Of Scripture The Book ... - timothyreport


The Book of Ephesians ello! Welcome to Ephesians! It has been called “The Queen of the. Epistles,” and “The Alps of the New Testament.” But around here, we ...

Introduction to the Book of Ephesians - SoundFaith


Dec 10, 2009 ... There is nothing more interesting in the New Testament than the letters ... of this letter, Ephesians has been called “The Queen of the Epistles.”.

DEPARTMENT OF THE BIBLE – Harvest - Harvest Bible University


The New Testament contains more truth in less space than any other book in ..... Ephesians is often called the “queen of the epistles,” the finest of Paul's writings.

10. Ephesians: Introduction, Argument, and Outline | Bible.org


Jun 28, 2004 ... From the series: New Testament: Introductions and Outlines .... Further, there are several constructions in this letter which are unparalleled in the undisputed books. .... last of the so-called prison epistles: (1) Phile 22 may be a somewhat .... The apostle Paul opens this “Queen of his Epistles” with a greeting ...

The bogus "authentic" Pauline epistles - Jesus Never Existed


"I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ ... Clearly, Paul is not particularly good as an evangelist – in a trice, the new ..... he came with a prodigious army of soldiers, and seized queen Sarah, the mother of our nation. ... Daniel T. Unterbrink, New Testament Lies (iUniverse, 2006)

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Ephesians - New World Encyclopedia


Sep 24, 2013 ... The Epistle to the Ephesians opens, "Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by .... passages, make it among the most quoted of the New Testament books. ... It is not without reason that it has been called the Queen of the Epistles.

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All the books of the New Testament are here, with several studies in Old Testament ... Ephesians - The Queen of the Epistles, as the older scholars called it.

Ephesians 1 - God's Ultimate Plan - Bible Hub


Ephesians has been called "the Queen of the Epistles," "the quintessence of ... In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul also saw the new man and a new society, but he ..... "In the New Testament sense a mystery is something which is hidden to the ...