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Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of ...

The 10 Inventions of Nikola Tesla That Changed The World


Jan 10, 2012 ... The inventions of Nikola Tesla are some of the most fundamental to our world today. Imagine what was suppressed by corporate-government ...

Nikola Tesla is best known for his pioneering work in electromagnetism and electrical engineering, and his many inventions including the Alternating Current (AC) induction motor and the Tesla coil.

Nikola Tesla - Inventions - HISTORY.com


Croatian-born Nikola Tesla was a genius inventor who discovered the electric alternating current. Learn more about this rival of Thomas Edison and his impact  ...

List of Nikola Tesla patents


Nikola Tesla was an inventor who obtained around 300 patents worldwide for his inventions. Some of Tesla's patents are not accounted for, and various sources ...

The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla - Altered States


Tesla was famous at the turn of the century for inventing the alternating current system still in use today. But his later inventions, documented in some 30 U.S. ...

Nikola Tesla versus Thomas Edison and the search for the truth


The lives of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, and the people they interacted with ... died in 1934 a broke and broken old man because Edison stole Tesla's ideas. .... Edison did not invent the electric light bulb, but he was able to develop a ...

Did Thomas Edison steal the inventions of Nikola Tesla and ruin his ...


There is no evidence of Edison stealing the inventions of Nikola Tesla. I suspect that legend ... Many authors miss the point: Edison hired Tesla to improve all the Edison Company's DC motors and dynamos. Tesla quit, feeling ripped off.

Is it true that Thomas Edison stole ideas from others especially ...


Exactly what ideas of Tesla did Edison steal? During the time Tesla worked for Edison they ... Many successful inventors realize that experimentation and research takes money. Edison's first invention ... Tom Peracchio's answer to Did Thomas Edison steal the inventions of Nikola Tesla and ruin his career? Tom Peracchio's ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What are Nikola Tesla's inventions.
A: Patents #1–#50 U.S. Patent 0,334,823 - Commutator for Dynamo Electric Machines - 1886 January 26 - Elements to prevent sparking on dynamo-electric machines; Dru... Read More »
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Q: Is there a list of Nikola Tesla's inventions.
A: No but I can make one. 1. Tesla induction motor. 2. Tesla coil. 3. Alternating current (AC) electrical supply system that included a motor and transformer. 4.3-... Read More »
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Q: Nikola tesla invented electricity?
A: No, electricity is a natural phenomena found in lightning, and every living creature and plant. Nikola Tesla studied Alternating Current (ac) electricity and th... Read More »
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Q: Nikola Tesla inventions?
A: How's this: He has some 300 patents. Tesla's inventions and developments include the AC motor, the bifilar coil, various devices that use rotating magnetic fiel... Read More »
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Q: What did Nikola Tesla invent?
A: You mean besides the Tesla Coil? Nikola Tesla also invented the AC current, fluorescent light, the electric motor, remote controls etc. He had over 700 patents ... Read More »
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