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The .40 S&W (10×22mm Smith & Wesson) is a rimless pistol cartridge developed ... It uses 0.40-inch (10 mm) diameter bullets ranging in weight from 105 to 200 grains ... of adapting the ...

James Yeager: .40's Suck - The Truth About Guns


Oct 20, 2012 ... Of course a .45 caliber 225 grain bullet will do even better but you .... 40 caliber in a 9mm sized format with 17 instead of 19 rounds in the Glock 22 vs 17. .... Seventeen rounds of 'real man' vs nineteen of 9mm (Glock 22 vs 17) ...

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Items 1 - 20 of 132 ... 11 Ready to Ship. Buy this 1000 Rounds of Discount 165gr FMC .40 S&W Ammo For Sale by Magtech ... Buy this 500 Rounds of Discount 180gr FMJ .40 S&W Ammo For Sale by Tula ... $155.00. 19 Ready to Ship. Buy this ...

Ballistics 101 | All the ballistic charts. Finally, in one place


The grip frame, sights, and caliber (go from a .380 to a .32 by changing the barrel ) are all ... These hollowpoints claim to create the largest wound channels of any bullet you can .... Nineteen 147 grain "Hydra-Shok" JHPs in the clip make it a real stopper. ... In home self-defense however - with 19 rounds loaded up in the #1...

Public Auction Sale: Live & On-line Firearms, Ammo and Outdoor ...


Saturday September 19 at 2:00pm ... FORTY (40) ROUNDS FEDERAL .243 WINCHESTER AMMO 80 GRAIN SP. 23 ... NINETEEN (19) ROUNDS 30 CAL.

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220 Swift Ammunition Remington Ammo 40 Rounds ... Price: $250.00; Description: This square corner two piece full 20 round box has an 11-19 .... Price : $45.00; Description: Nineteen turned brass cases for the 50 caliber Gallagher carbine.

Glock 19 | G19 | 9x19mm | GLOCK USA


Chambered in 9x19, the GLOCK 19 has found acclaim with both private and public security agencies, and ... A drawing showing the shape of a 9 x 19mm bullet.

Ruger's Striker-Fired 40 Caliber SR40 Semi-Auto Pistol


Oct 12, 2010 ... Ruger's Striker-Fired 40 Caliber SR40 Semi-Auto Pistol ... 40 S&W packs more power into the same size pistol as a 9x19mm, ... we put thousands of rounds through the new Ruger SR40 pistols. ... eighty-two degree Fahrenheit range, with nineteen percent humidity. ... JHP is a jacketed hollowpoint bullet.

Two NYPD Cops Fire 84 Rounds at Murder Suspect - News ...


Apr 26, 2012 ... Someone please inform us of officers weapon, caliber and ammo used in this ... M.Conner,The NYPD uses Glock 19,9mm handguns and they use 124gr. .... Now carry a Springfield XD .40 YOU HAVE TO CONSTANTLY PRACTICE. .... or not', those officers fired forty-one rounds and made nineteen hits.

A Whole Lotta 9: Springfield XDm 9mm Review - Guns & Ammo


Jan 2, 2009 ... “How many rounds would it hold; nineteen, twenty?” ... Clearly, Springfield was interested in getting the .40 cal version off to a good start, and that they did. ... And with 19-round magazines, loading up the XDm9 and putting a ...

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Q: Why does the DHS need 450,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunitio...
A: That is a lot. Read More »
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Q: Why do the DHS & ICE need 450 Million Rounds of .40 caliber ammun...
A: Because the Mexican Drug Cartels have 450,000 Chainsaws and Obama has failed to militarize the dangerous Mexican Border. I know since I live in Maricopa County.... Read More »
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Q: DHS buying 450 million rounds of .40 caliber high performance amm...
A: It is to stop the yogurt shop takeover occurring in this country. Read More »
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Q: Why did the Department of Homeland Security just order 450 millio...
A: Are you Republicans getting it yet? One Big Evil Gov and both sides are involved. All but 20 Politicians signed to Spend 63 Billion for 30,000 Drones to detain ... Read More »
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