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Nonresponsive definition: not responsive , not reacting to a stimulus | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Nonresponsive definition, responding especially readily and sympathetically to appeals, efforts, influences, etc.: a responsive government. See more.


English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. non- + responsive. Adjective[edit]. nonresponsive (comparative more nonresponsive, superlative most nonresponsive).


A nonresponsive answer is an answer given by a witness upon examination in a trial or in the taking of a deposition which evades or does not relate to the ...


Curious about the differences between responsive and non-responsive websites ? This blog should answer all of your questions.


Definition of NONRESPONSIVE ANSWER: the name that is given to an answer of a witness that evades the question.


Define nonresponsive. nonresponsive synonyms, nonresponsive pronunciation, nonresponsive translation, English dictionary definition of nonresponsive. adj ...


May 21, 2014 ... The mobile, tablet user sees the same content, rendered in a usable format, on any device, in contrast, if a non-responsive design (static) is ...


Non-responsive Bootstrap. Disable the responsiveness of Bootstrap by fixing the width of the container and using the first grid system tier. Read the ...