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Indian cuisine

Lassi is a traditional yogurt-based drink in India. It is made by blending yogurt with water or milk and spices.

Chinese Food/Cuisine: Culture, Ingredients, Regional Flavors

The "waste not, want not" ethos means that a surprising range and variety of plants and ... This has given rise to a remarkable diversity in regional cuisine, but to ...

Chinese Eight Distinct Regional Cuisine, Different Recipes in Food ...

The eight cuisines represent the characteristic food of eight of China's 22 provinces. The food of the other 14 provinces (not to mention autonomous regions and ...

regional cuisines

Some observers characterize those regional cuisines as sweet in south, salty in north, ... generally noted for light (non-greasy), mellow flavors, and fresh cooking

The Regional Cuisines of Brazil: Food + Cooking :

Sep 19, 2012 ... If you were to travel to Brazil tomorrow not knowing much about the food culture, chances are you would pick the city of Rio de Janeiro to spend ...

The Cultural Heritage of China :: Food & Drink :: Cuisine :: Regional ...

Although the region Sichuan is usually romanized incorrectly, the cuisine that .... It is not unusual for a waiter at a Cantonese restaurant to bring the live flipping ...

The 10 healthiest ethnic cuisines -

Aug 25, 2010 ... Traditional global cuisines in their purest state are light and ... after being harvested can lose vitamin C and folate, not to mention flavor.

Karavalli Regional Cuisine of India menu - Nanuet, NY 10954 - (845 ...

Restaurant menu, map for Karavalli Regional Cuisine of India located in 10954, Nanuet NY, 416 Nanuet Mall S. ... Non-Vegetarian Starters. Keema Samosa ...

Ethnic and regional cuisine | Economist - World News, Politics ...

Communism did to the national cuisine what it did to so much else and reduced it to the lowest common denominator112. Not-so-dim sums? Focus: Not-so-dim ...

American Regional Cuisines | The Diplomatic Post

Jul 3, 2014 ... Home » Discover America » American Regional Cuisines ... clam chowder, and crab cakes are just a few of the region's many specialties, not to ...

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Q: What are the 5 regional cuisines of China?
A: There are eight traditional cuisines, based on the regions of China: Sichuan (Chuan) Hunan (Xiang) Guangdong or Cantonese (Yue) Shandong (Lu) Jiangsu (Su or Yan... Read More »
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Q: What are the different types of regional cuisines in China?
A: Commonly spoken of are the "Eight Great Chinese Cuisines" (八大菜系) I'll describe them as best as I can, though note that I'm vegetarian myself so my knowledge of ... Read More »
Q: Which regional Italian cuisine is most popular in the US?
A: If pizza is the most popular Italian dish in then US and pizza margherita was invented in Naples, then Campania is the correct answer. Read More »