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Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to India. .... Many types of meat are used for Indian cooking, but chicken and mutton tend to be the most commonly consumed meats. ..... Traditional Jharkhand dishes are not available at restaurants, as they have not been commercialised.


This is a list of chicken dishes. Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world, and was one of the first domesticated animals. Chicken is a major worldwide source of meat and eggs for human consumption. It is prepared as food in a wide variety of ways, varying by region and culture. .... List of beef dishes · List of egg dishes · List of fast-food chicken restaurants ...


American Chinese food builds from styles ... The types of Chinese American cooking served in restaurants was different ... American Chinese cuisine takes advantage of ingredients not ... chicken feet, or other meat dishes that might deter American customers.


Nov 23, 2015 ... O beautiful, for chicken fried, for breakfast served all day…” Our annual expert- reviewed list of food and restaurant trends. ... But it's not just fast food: all-day breakfast is advantageous for fancier restaurants too. “Food .... “I do think that more regional specific Indian cuisine is showing up as consumers are ...


Basque cuisine refers to the cuisine of a spanish northern area (País Vasco) and includes ... These are usually large country restaurants with enormous barrels of cider. ... Regional Cuisine Book at the 5th World Cookbook Fair, Périgueux ( France). .... trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization .


Mar 12, 2013 ... Here are 25 regional dishes that you might not know by name, but probably should. ... fried pork tenderloin, fried chicken, and fish filets can be substituted), ... from cheap hole-in-the-walls to more up-scale restaurants that use ...


Although it is common for Indian restaurants to present dishes as part of a uniform, ... between India's regional cuisines can turn your next Indian meal into an exhilarating, ... Chicken Tikka Masala, a popular dish on many Indian menus, is in fact an ... Southern Indian cuisine is not typically found on many Indian restaurant ...


The entire Gujarati cuisine is non-spicy and not what someone expects from an ... new to Indian cuisine is that you can always ask restaurants and diners in India to ... chicken etc), spices and chilli are not very essential to the taste, but are more ... European dishes, when each of those regions offers many different cuisines.


Jul 7, 2017 ... The answer: It's not always easy to find, but its complexities are more ... A road trip with a question: Is regional American food alive and well? ... Bea's, a family- run fried chicken restaurant on the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tenn.


Jul 12, 2017 ... (CNN) — Given that the first "barbecue" might well have taken place in ... This article focuses on regional dishes that you might enjoy in the some of ..... stew, not much different to the slow-simmered stews of beef, chicken and ...