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The cuisine of the United States reflects its history. The European colonization of the Americas ... The American colonial diet varied depending on the settled region in which ... In comparison to the northern colonies, the southern colonies were quite diverse in their agricultural diet and did not have a central region of culture.


Iranian cuisine, also widely referred to as Persian cuisine, includes the foods, cooking methods, and food traditions of Iran. Iranian culinary styles have shared historical interactions with the cuisines of the neighboring regions, including Caucasian cuisine, abroad .... These are not only enjoyed fresh and ripe as desserts, but are also ...


Jul 9, 2009 ... ... for the best American regional dishes recreated right here in the metro area. The series is based on one idea: that D.C. has no signature dish ...


Jul 11, 2016 ... ... that are just inexplicably linked to certain Washington restaurants. ..... Mangialardo and Sons is a destination, and not only is this Italian sub ...


Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel 4.0 of 5 ... because if you're going there, it's mainly for the history, not the food. ... The Chesapeake Bay region is also famous for crab cakes, for soft shell crab sandwiches (in which the entire ...


Jul 30, 2014 ... How many of these 15 signature DC dishes have you eaten your way .... Khachapuri is Georgian (the country, not the peach fetishists of the ...


I am not sure there is one food item that would say "DC" more than anything else. .... named the half-smoke as the regional food in the Washington Dish Contest".


Feb 8, 2017 ... Washington DC's food scene is robust, but we narrowed the city's meals down ... This bowl unites Japan and Korea -- not an easy feat these days. ... a hotel, it would be a five-star chateau in the Champagne region of France.


Nov 4, 2016 ... Here's our guide to the best ethnic cuisines in Washington, D.C. ... sigri (open BBQ), tandoori and different regional Indian dishes. ... Changes to the menu are not allowed, and dinner always includes pork, seafood and nuts.