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Bleeding can occur often in the 1st trimester and may not be a sign of problems. Bleeding that occurs in the 2nd or 3rd trimester can be a sign of a complication. If you experience bleeding during pregnancy, call your healthcare provider right away.

Is it possible to still have your period while you are pregnant ...

Aug 18, 2007 ... They taught us in school or should I say Child development that you can have a regular period when your pregnant, just there is no egg ...

Bleeding like a regular period, but could I still be pregnant ...

Aug 22, 2007 ... I had all the signs of being pregnant, but just last night I got my period, and I still have it...I wasn't spotting, it just came, lightly, then heavy but ...

Can I still have a period if I'm pregnant? | BabyCenter

Sep 15, 2007 ... its normal. i mean i had my period until i was like 6 weeks into the pregnancy. and p-test came out negative and all. now im 31 weeks with a ...

Can You Be Pregnant and Still Get Your Period? | New Health Guide

Some women will experience vaginal bleeding during their pregnancy, and some even report that they appear to have bleeding that mimics a regular period.

Am I Pregnant? - American Pregnancy Association

Can I be pregnant and still have a period? Pregnant women can have some light irregular bleeding during pregnancy, but it should not be like a “normalperiod.

Is it possible to be pregnant and still have periods? - BabyCentre

Our expert explains whether menstruation can continue in pregnancy, and what any bleeding may mean. ... If so, it probably won't feel like a normal period.


Jan 18, 2015 ... YOU CANNOT have a "period" and be pregnant, period means uterine lining is BREAKING DOWN, which should not happen in a normal ...

Can You Get Your Period and Still Be Pregnant? - EnkiVillage

If It Is Not My Period, Why Am I Bleeding on Pregnancy? What Problem .... Jayda Aug.21 04:55. You actually can get a regular period while you're pregnant.

Could I Be Pregnant Even With A Period? | BabyMed

The general rule is that if you had a regular period then you are not pregnant. Being pregnant even though you just had your period is a rare exception, not the  ...

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Q: Can you have a normal period and still be pregnant?
A: Answer its rare but possible. i know people who had a period nearly every month they were pregnant. Read More »
Q: Can you have a normal period and still be pregnant?
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Q: Is it possible to have normal periods and still be pregnant?
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Q: Can you have a normal period and still be pregnant?
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