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The Government of North Korea
Conventional Name: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Government Type: Unitary Juche One-Party State
Voting Age: 17 years of age; universal
Chief: Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un
Head: Premier Pak Pong-Ju
Legislature: bicameral legislature consists of the Senate (9 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year staggered terms) and the House of Representatives (20 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve two-year terms)

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In the government of North Korea, the cabinet is the administrative and executive body. The North Korean government consists of three branches: administrative, ...

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North Korea: Government. Democratic People's Republic of Korea Flag Coat of Arms of Democratic People's Republic of Korea ...

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In mid-1993 Kim Il Sung was general secretary of North Korea's ruling party and ... North Korea's working people: workers, peasants, and working intellectuals ...

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The politics of North Korea takes place within the framework of the official state philosophy, .... The North Korean government invested heavily in its military, hoping to develop the capability to ...

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What countries do not have a democracy? ... The third arm of North Korea's government is the Politburo of the Central ... What is a politician's job description? Q: ...

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The family tree of the royal dynasty of North Korea. ... is "a system of government by the whole population of a state," and the ... The largest and most dominant of these parties is, again, the Workers' Party of Korea.

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North Korea has a centralized government under the rigid control of the ... The SAC is headed by a premier and is the dominant administrative and executive agency. ..... This forced labor was similar in nature and form to the gulags of Soviet ...

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of political system North Korea has and what kind of man leads it. In this monograph ... dynamics and seeks to shed light on the political system of North. Korea and its ...... be the dominant organizational entity in North Korea, it is certainly.