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Eastern Europe

Most sources place the Baltic states in Northern Europe whereas the CIA World Factbook ... Russia is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Hints of East/Central Asian admixture in Northern Europe - Dienekes ...

Jul 15, 2012 ... As I noted at the time, this entailed the assumption that Northern European populations did not have East Asian admixture, which would also ...

how Northern Europeans got to be ~10% Northeast Asian - Discover ...

Sep 7, 2012 ... There is surely artistic license, but they look rather East Asian to me, as ... Northern Europeans, seem to have a substantial Northeast Asian ...

Quantitating and Dating Recent Gene Flow between European and ...

Apr 2, 2015 ... ... a northern path of European gene flow diffusing into East Asian ... those from west-northern Europe and East Asia which have been generally ...

Your Regional Ancestry: Reference Populations - Genographic Project

The northern European, Mediterranean, and southwest Asian percentages are ... Southeast Asian percentages are representative of migrations in East Asia, ...

Broadly assigned and Unassigned ancestry – 23andMe Customer ...

Finally, when Ancestry Composition encounters DNA that is very widespread, like a piece of DNA that's found in Europe, the Near East, and Asia, it will label that ...

Ancestry Composition - 23andMe

You can see that H is very common in Europe, is found in Africa and Asia, and never seen in Australia or the Americas. ..... For example, we have a "Northern European" group that contains three .... East Asian & Native American, 0.99, 0.99.

Main Routing Alternatives between East Asia and Northern Europe

The focus here are the routing alternatives between East Asia and Northern Europe, two of the world's most significant markets. The selection of a specific route ...

Northern Europe & Central Asia | Locations | Ericsson Careers ...

Our Northern Europe headquarters in Sweden has made a mark on cloud services, health information systems and ICT. Learn more about joining our team.

Composition of macro geographical (continental) regions

143 Central Asia. 030 Eastern Asia. 034 Southern Asia. 035 South-Eastern Asia. 145 Western Asia. 150 Europe. 151 Eastern Europe. 154 Northern Europe.

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