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Lactase persistence - Wikipedia


Lactase persistence is the continued activity of the enzyme lactase in adulthood. .... Roman authors recorded that the people of northern Europe, particularly Britain and Germany, drank .... Milk to...

Journal | The Japanese Association for Northern European Studies


The Japanese Association for Northern European Studies is an academic society established as a base for disseminating information that links researchers of ...

Book online - JAPAN AIRLINES / Northern Europe & Benelux


*Price includes all taxes and surcharges which are subject to currency exchange rate at the time of ticketing. Fare Conditions ...

Why North Europeans are the happiest people | The Japan Times


Apr 27, 2015 ... One has to wonder if Northern Europe's Law of Jante might not be responsible for the presence of Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and ...

Incidence of Kawasaki disease in northern European countries. - NCBI


Oct 8, 2012 ... Incidence of Kawasaki disease in northern European countries. ... of Kawasaki disease (KD) in three northern European countries and Japan.

incidence of kawasaki disease in northern european countries - NCBI


Oct 8, 2012 ... Overall, 86.4% of Japanese KD patients were less than 5 years compared to only 67.8% in the four Northern European countries (p<0.001).

Ideol Strengthens Northern Europe, Japanese Business Team ...


Dec 8, 2015 ... The French floating foundation company Ideol has appointed two new professionals to boost its business in Northern Europe and Japan.

Your Regional Ancestry: Reference Populations - Genographic Project


The northern European, Mediterranean, and southwest Asian percentages are .... This reference population is based on samples collected from the Japanese ...

capitalization - How should "Northern Europe" be capitalized ...


Apr 16, 2014 ... Europe should obviously be capitalized, since it is a proper noun. Should the northern part of the example sentence "I was traveling through ...

The Height Gap - The New Yorker


Apr 5, 2004 ... But by another set of numbers—longevity and income inequality—it began to lag behind Northern Europe and Japan. It's this shift that ...