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American Mint LLC v. GOSoftware, Inc. - CISG Database


Aug 16, 2005 ... Goede is in the business of manufacturing collectable coins and its principal place ... Plaintiff American Mint LLC ("Mint") is a limited liability company ... 1 et seq., 15 U.S.C.App. 332 (1998) ("CISG"): breach of contract; breach ...

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A. L. Lee Corporation, 23159 ... American Eagle Manufacturing, LLC, 23119 ... Anshan Heavy Duty Mining Machinery Co. Ltd. 1556. Antraquip Corp. 447.

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American Mint LLC v. GOSoftware, Inc. - CISG Database


Jan 6, 2006 ... CASE NAME: American Mint LLC, Goede Beteiligungsgesellschaft, ... CASE HISTORY: 1st instance 16 August 2005 Federal District Court [Pennsylvania] ( American Mint LLC v. ... A U.S. software manufacturer ("the seller") sold software for processing credit card charges to a U.S. limited liability company ...

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