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Michel de Nostredame usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become widely famous. He is best known for his...

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The complete text of one of the best books about Nostradamus ever written. Did Nostradamus predict the WTC disaster? by John Bruno Hare [2001] You be the ...

Predictions of Nostradamus 2016


What are the Nostradamus Predictions ? Discover all of the predictions of Nostradamus in 2016.

Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus - Nostradamus, Ned Halley ...


Who was Nostradamus, and what faith should we place in his predictions? This book gives objective answers. It reveals that Michel de Nostredame, ...

Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions that Have Come True


Since the publication of this book, which has rarely been out of print since his death, Nostradamus has attracted a following that, along with the popular press, ...

Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016


Aug 8, 2015 ... Nostradamus predicted that Obama would be victorious in the 2013 elections .... A comet ( mentioned in the Book of Revelations) is making fast ...

Nostradamus Vatinicia Code - The Lost Book of Nostradamus


Oct 12, 2015 ... It was said that Nostradamus had handed the book over to his son who ... within, Nostradamus is said to have predicted the Nazi Blitzkrieg, the ...

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The most accurate collection of Nostradamus prophecies and their interpretations on the Internet. ... When the sun shall complete its weary days, .... If you'd like to read more about Nostradamus predictions that may affect your future, please ...

Nostradamus 2012 Predictions Prophecies, End of the World ...


Feb 13, 2016 ... Nostradamus wrote quatrains books about 2012 predictions, ... His book Les Propheties (The Prophecies) was published first in 1555.

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May 30, 2014 ... 11 Shockingly Accurate Predictions From Nostradamus ... He wrote his first book, "Les Propheties," in 1555, and publishing companies still roll ...

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Quatrains / Prophecies of Nostradamus - Crystalinks


Nostradamus completed a total of 942 quatrains which he organized into Centuries - groups of 100 quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains). A quatrain is ...

A Gift for a Gift – Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies


NOSTRADAMUS: The Complete Prophecies (Element Books, 1997). Synopsis. For over 400 years the predictions of Nostradamus have intrigued and perplexed  ...

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies: John Hogue - Amazon.com


The predictions of the prophet Nostradamus have fascinated and baffled the world as one after another has come true. As the millennium approaches, interest  ...