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There are no commonly used perfect rhyming words for orange, though some claim the word sporange, meaning 'an enclosure in which spores are formed', counts as a perfect rhyme.
The Oxford Rhyming Dictionary also shows the word having half-rhymes such as door-hinge, lozenge, and porridge.

Orange (word)


Rhymeedit]. It is widely accepted that no single English word is a true rhyme for orange, though there are half rhymes such as hinge, ...

Are there any words that rhyme with orange? - Oxford Dictionaries


Orange has almost no perfect rhymes. The only word in the 20-volume historical Oxford English Dictionary that rhymes with orange is sporange, a very rare ...

Eminem finds five words that rhyme with 'orange' on '60 Minutes'


Oct 11, 2010 ... As hard-hitting as its investigative reports can often be, “60 Minutes” hasn't exactly been cutting edge in the pop music department.

Does anything rhyme with "orange - Dictionary.com


The rumor that "orange" rhymes with no other word is incorrect. Orange rhymes with Blorenge (a mountain in Wales) and sporange (a sac where spores are ...

RhymeZone: orange


Eat 'em like an urr-ange, orange. So when they on the verge of leavin it don't get borin. 1 of 4 examples. Words and phrases that almost rhyme: (41 results).

Here Are Some Words That Rhyme With Orange - Skorks


Oct 4, 2008 ... Everybody knows that there aren't any words in the English language that rhyme with orange. Well, everybody is wrong! Here is a whole list full ...

Nothing Rhymes With Orange by Mike Mitchell | Threadless


"Nothing Rhymes With Orange" available on t-shirts, clothing , wall art and iPhone cases.

What rhymes with orange? - YouTube


Nov 26, 2014 ... You may have heard that nothing rhymes with 'orange'; that isn't quite true. Watch the video to find out the rare word that does rhyme with ...

Quotes: Eminem Finds Words that Rhyme with Orange | TIME.com


Oct 11, 2010 ... "People say that the word 'orange' doesn't rhyme with anything, and that kind of pisses me off, because I can think of a lot of things that rhyme ...

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Q: Why nothing rhymes with orange?
A: What are you talking about? Porange. Smorange. Cornage. Need I go on? Read More »
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Q: Is it true that nothing rhymes with orange?
A: Orange is one of those words that famously has nothing perfectly to rhyme ... Read More »
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Q: Is it true that nothing rhymes with orange?
A: Whinge, singe, binge, and, somewhat NSFWly, minge. As for why they say borange, it's because they're idiots. Read More »
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Q: Why does nothing rhyme with orange?
A: There are lots of words in many languages that don't have rhyming words in those languages, it's just a fact. Read More »
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Q: Why does nothing rhyme with Orange
A: That is just the way the English language works! Although, you coul... ...MORE... Read More »
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