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A Pay or Quit Notice is a form of eviction notice a landlord gives their tenant when the rent is late. Late rent makes both the tenant and the landlord uncomfortable ...

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Find the Eviction or Lease Notice you need, including Notice to Pay Rent and Notice to Quit. Create, print or download your free notice now.

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Pay Rent or Quit Notices are typically given to you when you have not paid the rent. These notices give you a few days (three to five in most states) to pay the ...

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A notice to quit does not determine who is allowed to have legal possession of ... gives a tenant at will a notice to quit terminating the tenancy, she can also offer a ... will be for “use and occupancy only” and not for rent, your landlord has given up the ... The reason is that if you stop the non-payment eviction by paying the rent...

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If you are a tenant at will (no lease), your landlord can evict you without ... breached" the lease, your landlord can serve you with a 7-day notice to quit. ... The notice must not terminate the tenancy until the last date for which rent has been paid, or later. ... If the reason is that you have not paid your rent, the notice mu...

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By law, you have to give your landlord a fixed period of written notice informing ... tenant and can leave the tenancy by giving your landlord notice to quit in writing. ... You could be held liable for rent up to the time when you would have been able to ... the landlord has let the property to new tenants who are now paying rent.

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If you do not have a lease and pay your rent every month, you are a month -to- month ... must give you at least a 5 day written notice called a NOTICE TO PAY OR QUIT. .... you must give him WRITTEN NOTICE of the problem and then you may:.

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A landlord can also use a 30 day notice to end your tenancy if you have lived in the rental for more than a year in ... to give less than 60-day notice to tenants who have month-to-month tenancies and who have lived ... to pay rent for one of your remaining two months. To figure out how much you must pay for each day, divide  ...

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Aug 15, 2016 ... The fact is that I need someone in my rental that can pay rent, and if ... be able to get a mortgage, car loan, or any loan for a very long time. ... Step 4: Give a Formal Notice of Eviction ... It is important to let the credit bureaus know about this dead- beat tenant so that future landlords will know to avoid him/her...

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A: If a tenant does not pay you rent, you can attempt to force payment by sending him a legal document known as a pay-or-quit notice. This gives the tenant a ... Read More »
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