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Jun 13, 2013 ... "If you are totally without an Internet connection, don't buy an Xbox ... Nuclear Subs And PR Flubs: Is 'Buy An Xbox 360' Actually Bad Advice?


Jun 11, 2013 ... I mean, when I read the blogs and thought about who really is the ... and the other having served in Afghanistan who had bad Internet. ..... If it weren't for gamers buying the Xbox and Xbox 360, there would ... Not only is Microsoft shooting itself in the foot, but Don is digging them deeper into the PR hole.


5 days ago ... The US Navy is beginning to use Xbox 360 controllers to operate the periscopes ... Virginia-class submarines are getting the Xbox controller added to their ... 8 teardown shows that you really don't want to crack that glass back ...


5 days ago ... And for that, they've turned to Xbox 360 controllers. Periscopes are, for good reason, the most iconic piece of these sub-surface terrors.


5 days ago ... Beginning this year, the United States Navy is going to start equipping some of its state-of-the-art, nuclear-powered submarines with Xbox 360 ...


Jun 12, 2013 ... If I was on a sub, I'd be disappointed.” ... In the long run, the PS3 and Xbox 360 finished at about the same place over ... The chart above shows console launch prices adjusted for 2012 dollars. ... Microsoft has talked up (but not really demonstrated) is the idea that by ..... Mistakes are made, things change.


6 days ago ... Even though Microsoft has moved on from the Xbox 360 controller, the ... periscopes on their newest nuclear-powered warfare submarines.