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This article ranks human languages by their number of native speakers. However , all such ... Rank, Language, Native speakers in millions 2007 (2010), Fraction of world population (2007). 1, Mandarin (entire branch), 935 (955), 14.1%.


One might suppose, therefore, that linguists would have a clear and reasonably precise notion of how many languages there are in the world. It turns out ...


That number is constantly in flux, because we're learning more about the world's languages every day. And beyond that, the languages themselves are in flux.


The total number of languages is estimated to be between three thousand and eight ... The Ethnologue catalogue of world languages, which is one of the best ...


May 26, 2017 ... While you might assume that linguists have a definite idea of the exact number of world languages, determining a full count is difficult.


An overview of the languages of our world: Why do some languages disappear while others grow? And how can you prevent languages from dying out?


Almost half of the world's population claim one of only ten languages as their ... Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at ...


There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers. The most popular ...


Jun 26, 2008 ... Often called the most romantic language in the world, French is ... can get you pregnant), the number of Bengali speakers in the world is much ...