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The human body has hundreds of muscles, about 640 in total. There is no exact count of the number of muscles in the body largely because expert opinions are conflicted regarding what constitutes a distinct muscle.


This is a table of skeletal muscles of the human anatomy. There are over 600 skeletal muscles ... The muscles of the human body can be categorized into a number of groups which include muscles relating to the head and neck, muscles of the ...


Oct 9, 2011 ... The number of muscles in the human body varies from about 656 to 850, depending on which expert you consult. No exact figure is available ...


Jan 26, 2017 ... There are about 300 skeletal muscles in the human body. Sort of. It depends on how you count them. How many muscles really?


Human Muscular System – The muscles of the human body are illustrated and ... Skeletal muscles are named based on many different factors, including their ...


The cited number is usually 640 (or 320 pairs). But estimations can range from 639 to 850, since some of the muscles consist of multiple parts or heads and those ...


There is no one answer for this question since there are different ways to ... There are three types of muscles in the human body: cardiac, smooth and skeletal.


Our body consists of around 639 muscles and they are divided into three types: skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles.


According to the Library of Congress, the human body has at least 650 skeletal muscles and as many as 840 depending on what counts as a muscle.


There are more than 639 skeletal muscles in your body. Some sources will say 640 muscles in the human body.