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perfect square: a number that is a square of a whole number. ... compatible number: a number that is close to the actual number and is easy to compute mentally. .... line (x axis) that intersects a vertical line (y axis) at a point called the origin.

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Simply speaking, compatible numbers are numbers that are easy to add, subtract , multiply, or divide in your head. They are visually easier to compute mentally ...

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These only apply in base 10, because they make use of the remainders when we ... What are some examples of numbers that are easy to compute mentally? Why is it easier for us to divide numbers by 2, 4, 5 or 10 mentally as ...

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Expression- A mathematical phrase or the part of a number sentence that combines ... Compatible numbers- Numbers that are easy to compute mentally. 28. .... A plane formed by two intersecting and perpendicular number lines called axes.

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May 4, 2012 ... Keep on reading because today we'll learn how to easily calculate ... it's an integer, rational, or irrational—that's called squaring the number.

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To decide if one number is greater than, less than, or equal to another number.. compatible numbers. Numbers that are easy to compute mentally and are close in value to the actual numbers. Compatible .... Also called related facts.

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I will teach you some of the Easy Math Calculation techniques for faster Mathematics. .... You can add mentally by just hearing the numbers being called out. 2.

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Mar 21, 2015 ... Ever dreamed of being able to multiply numbers lickety-split…and ... Since we can quickly figure out that 36 x 100 = 3,600, it's easy to find that 36 x ... math audiobook called The Math Dude's 5 Tips to Mastering Mental Math.

Addend: A number to be added in an addition


It is also called the Grouping Property of Addition. Example: 2 + (3 + 4) ... Compatible numbers, Numbers that are easy to compute mentally. Cone, A solid figure ...

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compatible numbers ... compatible numbers. ... Compatible Numbers numbers that are easy to compute mentally are called. Rachel Ross. + 86 others found this  ...

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equivalent decimals: decimals that name the same number or amount. Associative ... compatible numbers: pairs of numbers that are easy to compute mentally.

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Complete the sentence. 1. Numbers that are easy to compute with mentally are called . Estimate the product. Choose the method. Possible estimates are given.