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Just like in English, Spanish cardinal numbers (números cardinales ) can be both nouns and adjectives. But before we get into that, let's learn how to say the ...


Spanish numbers belong to an Indo-Arabic based decimal system, although the history of the number system is much more ancient. The Babylonians used ...


Spanish Numbers 1-100 0: cero (say-ro) 1: uno(oo-no) 2: dos(dose) 3:tres(trace) 4:cuatro(kwat-ro) 5:cinco(sink-o) 6:seis(saze) 7:siete(see-yet-eh) 8: ocho(och-o)


First, let's review the cardinal numbers 1-30: 1. uno 2. dos ... Finally, in Spanish a period is used to indicate thousands, and a comma is used as a decimal point.


The definitive guide to the Spanish numbers, with an interactive number translator, infographic, and step-by-step explanation.


This free audio lesson is all about numbers in Spanish. Learn how to say Spanish numbers from 0 to 1000000! Learning the numbers in Spanish is essential.

Jan 22, 2013 ... Spanish for Beginners - I will teach you to count from 1 to 99 in Spanish. Learn the numbers in Spanish to talk about money, phone number, ...
Aug 1, 2016 ... Thanks for stopping by everyone! I should have included zero in this series, zero is cero :) Here's a link to the online flashcards that have the ...


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