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Nyctophobia is a phobia characterized by a severe fear of the dark. It is triggered by the brain's disfigured perception of what would, or could, happen when in a ...

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Enjoy the Nyctophobia: Infinite Darkness HD upgrade plus expansion pack for only $1.59 this week only. The upgrade features brand new HD graphics, bug ...

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Nyctophobia (also known as scotophobia, lygophobia or achluophobia) has been derived from Greek word “Nuktos” meaning night or darkness. The intense  ...

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Nyctophobia definition, an abnormal fear of night or darkness. See more.

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Fear of Darkness Phobia - Nyctophobia Many kids and adults are known to suffer from the fear of darkness or night phobia. Several non-clinical terminologies ...

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Nyctophobia, fear of darkness, is an unspoken disease. Nyctophobia has many names, including Achluophobia, Lygophobia and Scotophobia. Most people ...

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You have a job. That job is to be a security guard during the night shift at a local office complex. You and Marley do it every night. Get decent pay for it too.

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Nyctophobia is a limiting and disabling disease, a common phobia among children, but it can also be found in adults. It is, like claustrophobia, an irrational fear ...

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Nyctophobia is an abnormal fear of night or darkness. Discover the information on the reasons of nyctophobia and nyctophobia symptoms.

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extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness. Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

an abnormal fear of night or darkness.
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nyctophobia | Define nyctophobia at Dictionary.com
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