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In language, an archaism is the use of a form of speech or writing that is no longer current or ... A distinction between archaic and obsolete words and word senses is widely used by dictionaries. ....

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Many words that were once common in English fall out of use or change their ... Archaic words ... contumely, insolent or insulting language or treatment.

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Nov 8, 2010 ... DURING MY UNDERGRADUATE studies as a Linguistics major, one of the things that struck me most is the amazing fluidity of language.

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Definitions of archaic adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and other terms as ... Whosoever shall gaze hither may find a trove of long-lost words and betimes cry,  ...

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Obsolete word is a label commonly used by editors of dictionaries to indicate that a ... The editors of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language ...

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Have you ever been gorgonized listening to a snollygoster? Ever felt crapulous in the morning? A look at these and other bizarre and obsolete English words.

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Jul 1, 2016 ... Translation services are helpful for clearing up discrepancies between languages, but sometimes you can find words in your first language you ...

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Oct 21, 2011 ... The English language is a magnificent body of words which has grown to its huge extent by absorbing words from all other languages it has ...

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The English language can be maddening to native speakers and learners ... as worthwhile source of delightful, if a little archaic and seldom-used words, e.g.,.

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Jun 7, 2011 ... I'm learning the English language, and while reading Merriam-Webster I often see common words with additional "obsolete" and "archaic" ...

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Mar 25, 2013 ... 27 Delightful Obsolete Words It's High Time We Revived .... Tagged:english, dictionary, language, owls, uk, words, viral, win, outlook-woot.

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Mar 24, 2016 ... Just like life, facts and even chocolate, words in the English language have a life- span. Some that we use today are actually thousands of years ...

18 obsolete words, which never should have gone out of style


Mar 7, 2013 ... Some are thousands of years old, from before English officially existed, others change, ... Tags: English, english language, obsolete words.