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While, as of 2015, there is no proven relationship between ocular migraines and strokes, The Migraine Trust cites research indicating that women under 45 who experience migraines w...

Retinal migraine

The terms "retinal migraine" and "ocular migraine" are often confused with an ... should rule out any underlying causes, such as blood clot, stroke, pituitary tumor,  ...

Ocular migraines: Symptoms, treatment and prevention - Boots

Nov 28, 2013 ... The symptoms of ocular migraines are similar to those of other serious disorders, like eye diseases and stroke. So your doctor will want to do a ...

Stroke and Migraine | The Migraine Trust

There are two main types of stroke, one of which is suggested to have a link with migraine. Risk of ischaemic stroke is increased in women aged 35 to 45 years ...
People with migraine may suffer a stroke during a typical migraine attack, during or after a "thunderclap headache" (which is much more sudden and severe than a typical migraine), or in between typical migraine attacks. Most migraine sufferers who are affected by strok... More »
By Jose Vega M.D., Ph.D., Guide

What Causes Ocular Migraines - Healthline

Mar 28, 2013 ... A migraine that involves visual disturbance is called an ocular migraine. ... a heart attack and stroke (American Academy of Neurology, 2013).

Whether It's a Stroke or Migraine, Never Ignore These Symptoms ...

Mar 1, 2011 ... Whether It's a Stroke or Migraine, Never Ignore These Symptoms ... Sometimes these symptoms might be flashing lights and visual problems, ...

Neuro-Ophthalmology at Harvard: A Patient's Guide to Visual Migraine

Apr 16, 2015 ... A visual migraine is a temporary visual distortion that often begins with a small ... including a “mini-stroke” (a TIA, or transient ischemic attack).

Migraines With Aura May Raise Stroke Risk - WebMD

Aug 24, 2010 ... Evidence is accumulating that migraines with aura -- a transient visual or sensory disturbance, such as light flashes or zigzag patterns-- may ...

Migraine and Stroke – What's the Link? | Brain Blogger

Aug 17, 2014 ... This is the reason why aura is often felt as visual disturbances (like seeing sparkles ... Association between migraine and stroke in a large-scale ...

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Q: How to Prevent Ocular Migraines.
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A: 1. Know the symptoms of ocular migraines. In addition to visual disturbances, you may or may not have pulsating headache pain followed by nausea and fatigue. 2.... Read More »
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