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Oersted (abbreviated as Oe) is the unit of the auxiliary magnetic field H in the CGS system of units. It is identical to Dyne/Maxwell.

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Lived 1777 - 1851. Hans Christian Oersted launched a new epoch in science when he discovered that electricity and magnetism are linked. He showed by.

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Oersted definition, the centimeter-gram-second unit of magnetic intensity, equal to the magnetic pole of unit strength when undergoing a force of one dyne in a ...

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Define oersted: the unit of magnetic field strength in the centimeter-gram-second system.

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Sometimes, magnetic field strength is expressed in units called oersteds ( symbolized Oe). The oersted is a larger unit than the ampere per meter. Approximate ...

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Hans Christian Oersted was born in the south central part of Denmark in 1777. He and his younger brother Anders entered the University of Copenhagen in ...

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Oersted Technology produces an innovative line of magnetizers, magnetics equipment and instruments for use in manufacturing, research, and development  ...

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Short article about the discovery of electromagnetism.

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Hans Christian Oersted. 1777-1851. Electromagnetism was discovered in the spring of 1820 by the Danish physicist Hans Christian. Oersted when, during a ...

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The centimeter-gram-second electromagnetic unit of magnetic field strength, equal to the magnetic intensity one centimeter from a unit magnetic pole.