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Motor oil

edit]. The temperature range the oil is exposed to in most vehicles can be wide, ranging from cold temperatures in the winter before ...

Motor Oil Viscosity Grades Explained in Layman's Terms

Most of the time when viscosity is explained words are used that are too technical for the average person to quickly grasp. This leaves them still wondering what ...

Oil Viscosity Explained - KEW Engineering

What is Viscosity? Viscosity, by definition, is an oil's resistance to flow and shear. It is the single most critical physical property of the oil as it affects both the wear ...

Oil Specifications Explained - What does 10w40 mean?

We explain what the label on your bottle of oil means, the viscosity, what the codes mean and why are they important? Viscosity Explained&v=E_iN_IJpSIU
Aug 30, 2010 ... What's the difference between a 10w-30 and an SAE 30 motor oil? Dan Watson, AMSOIL dealer, looks at how motor oil viscosity ratings are ...

What do oil viscosity numbers mean? -

Learn what the oil viscosity numbers mean, 10W-30 5W-30. Viscosity Explained&v=NIreg-1w22M
Jul 8, 2014 ... Watch this short video as Shanna explains engine oil viscosity -- or the difference between "thick" and "thin" oils.

Choosing the Right Engine Oil -

Apr 30, 2013 ... The owner's manual gives all the information necessary to put the right viscosity oil — 10W-30, 5W-30, etc. — into your car. Most will have a ...

How To Pick The Right Motor Oil For Your Car - Popular Mechanics

Aug 14, 2002 ... It also provides the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) viscosity number and tells you if the oil has passed the Energy Conserving test.

Car Bibles : The Engine Oil Bible

The number before the 'W' is the 'cold' viscosity rating of the oil, and the number after the ..... This link is a service bulletin from Castrol, explaining the situation.

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Q: Motor Oil Viscosity Explained.
A: Cold oil is thick, and as it is heated it becomes thinner. When a cold engine is started, thick oil cannot flow into smaller openings. This is called "dry runni... Read More »
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A: The correct choice of transmission oil depends on its viscosity at the minimum and maximum temperatures at which the transmission is expected to operate. You sh... Read More »
Q: What is oil viscosity?
A: Answer Viscocisty is the physical properties of fluids (oil in this case) to resist flow. This can better be described as thickness. It is known that this prope... Read More »
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A: Around 40 mPas (cP) at 40°C. Read More »
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