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This comforting dessert is a wonderful way to end any meal. As a girl, I always waited eagerly for the first heavenly bite. Today, my husband likes to top his with a ...


"This pudding turns out in a lovely custard texture. A great balm for those seeking a return to some of the old-fashioned foods of their youth! We like it best ...


Cooked rice is combined with milk, sugar, and an egg and flavored with butter and vanilla in this quick stovetop rice pudding.


Some things from the past simply can't be improved upon. Our old-fashioned rice pudding recipe is a perfect example. The flavor conjures up the good old days, ...


Jan 31, 2016 ... Old Fashioned Rice Pudding is delicious served warm or chilled. This is good old fashioned comfort food at it's best!


Everyone loves this home-y custard type of rice pudding. One of the ultimate comfort foods. Add raisins or omit according to personal preference.


Mar 14, 2017 ... This rice pudding is an old-fashioned mixture of rice, sugar, and milk, and it is made without eggs. Just remember to stir it frequently. You can ...


How to make Old-Fashioned Creamy Rice Pudding - prep & cook time, serving size, nutritional info, ingredients. Add recipe ingredients to your shopping list!


Recipe including course(s): Dessert; and ingredients: egg, ground nutmeg, milk, raisins, salt, sugar, vanilla extract, white rice.


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