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Old wives' tale is an epithet used to indicate that a supposed truth is actually a superstition or something untrue, to be ridiculed. It can be said sometimes to be a  ...

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Jun 24, 2015 ... But one old wives' tale about birth apparently holds true: A baby who causes a long and intense labor rather than coming out easily is in fact, ...

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It seems that the centuries-old home remedy of the consumption of chicken soup for fighting the common cold is not just an old wives' tale. Scientists believe that ...

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Those old wives' tales your grandmother used to tell you aren't actually all that far ... Turns out those old wives weren't just nagging … they were actually spot on.

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Old wives' tales really are old. Way before people invented paper and pen to write down their thoughts and teach others, they told old wives' tales and passed  ...

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Why do we cling to old wives' tales when we live in a world rich with medical expertise? While most are harmless, at least one is dangerous. Find out which are ...

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Mar 21, 2013 ... According to “Wikipedia,” old wives' talesoriginate in the oral tradition ... Erford Harrison's favorite old saying, “The Sun does not shine on the ...

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Define old wives' tale: a common belief about something that is not based on facts and that is usually false — old wives' tale in a sentence.

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Old wives' tale definition, a traditional belief, story, or idea that is often of a superstitious nature. See more.