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Functional genomics of cactus host shifts in Drosophila mojavensis

www.uah.edu/biology/LAB/matzkin/articles/Matzkin et al 2006.pdf

2001; Oleksiak et al. 2002; Cheung et al. 2003; Ranz et al. 2003). Although the major control of this variation (cis vs. trans) is still ... transcriptional differences between species (Rifkin et al. 2003 ...... Morley M, Molony CM, Weber TM et al.

Selection-driven transcriptome polymorphism in Escherichia coli ...


As previously described for E. coli (Ochman and Jones 2000; Dobrindt et al. 2003 ) ... 1999) and to be the enterotoxin inhibitor (Maurelli et al. ..... 2004), in teleost fish (Oleksiak et al. .... Blattner, F.R., Plunkett III, G., Bloch, C.A., Perna, N.T., Burland, V., Riley, M., Collado-Vides, J., Glasner, J.D., Rode, C.K., Mayhew, G.F....

Discovery of regulatory mechanisms from gene expression variation ...

www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/staff/zhengj/publications/eQTL BioDataMining 2008.pdf

2001), killifish (Oleksiak et al. 2002), mouse (Klose et al. 2002; Bystrykh et al. 2005 ..... Being applied to real gene expression traits in yeast (Brem et al. 2005 ..... assigns a weight to each edge (u, v), which is equal to the average of correlation coefficients of u ..... Morley M, Molony CM, Weber TM, Devlin JL, Ewens KG et al.

Utility of Natural Populations for Microarray Analyses: Isolation of ...


Genomic Studies. Marjorie F. Oleksiak, Kevin J. Kolell, and Douglas L. Crawford* ... (Crawford et al., 1999a; Flint et al., 1981; Kacser et al., 1973;. Middleton and ...

The biological importance of measuring individual variation


May 1, 2007 ... In Drosophila simulans (Wayne et al., 2004), the additive heritable variation is ... ( Va), or h<sup>2</sup>=Va/Vp, where Vp is phenotypic variation] (Cheung et al., .... 3) (r<sup>2</sup>=0.65 –0.81) (Oleksiak et al., 2005). ..... Morley, M., Molony, C. M., Weber, T. M., Devlin, J. L., Ewens, K. G., Spielman, R. S. and Cheung, V. G. (2004).

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such can be considered a quantitative trait (Eves et al. 2002;. Schadt et al. ... Oleksiak et al. 2002; Gibson et ..... permutation) from the gene specific F-tests vs. the log2 fold change. The horizontal ..... Morley M, Molony CM, Weber R et al. ( 2004) ...

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advantages of MHC heterozygosity (Carrington et al. 1999; ... in gene transcription levels (Oleksiak et al. 2002; Levine & .... primer (V(T)21), 10 U of RNase inhibitor and 4 U of. Omniscript ...... Morley M, Molony CM, Weber TM et al . (2004) ...



Dec 31, 2010 ... 2004; OLEKSIAK et al. .... 2007; JIA and XU 2005; KENDZIORSKI et al. .... EM Algorithm: We use the EM algorithm (DEMPSTER et al. ...... SCHADT, E. E., C. MOLONY, E. CHUDIN, K. HAO, X. YANG et al., 2008 Mapping the ... SLAGER, S. L., J. HUANG and V. J. VIELAND, 2000 Effect of allelic heterogeneity ...

Heredity - Evaluating the role of natural selection in the evolution of ...


May 23, 2007 ... This makes intraspecific comparative studies (Oleksiak et al., 2002; Fay et al., ... where Vm is the mutational variance or the amount of phenotypic variation ..... Molony CM, Weber TM, Devlin JL, Ewens KG, Spielman RS et al.

Variable gene expression in eukaryotes: a network perspective

www.umich.edu/~pwlab/Wittkopp et al reprints/Wittkopp 2007 JEB.pdf

(Oleksiak et al., 2005). Putative adaptive changes in gene expression have also been observed in experimental populations of microorganisms (e.g. Cooper et ...

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