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The olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea), also known as the Pacific ridley sea turtle, is a medium-sized species of sea turtle found in warm and tropical ...


Common Name: Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. Scientific Name: Lepidochelys olivacea. Type: Reptiles. Diet: Omnivores. Average life span in The Wild: 50 years.


The name for this sea turtle is tied to the color of its shell—an olive green hue. They are the smallest of the sea turtles and currently the most abundant.


Facts about olive ridley sea turtles including their habitat, diet, threats, and more.


Learn about the unique characteristics and behavior of the olive ridley sea turtle.


In spite of the Olive Ridley being the most abundant sea turtle, available quantitative information is extremely scarce and unevenly distributed across regions.


Oct 30, 2014 ... The highly migratory behavior of sea turtles makes them shared resources among many nations. Thus, conservation efforts for sea turtle ...


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's North Florida Field Office factsheet providing details on the Olive Ridley sea turtle biology, ecology, protected status and ...


The Kid's Times: Volume I, Issue 4. Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. Sea turtles are graceful saltwater reptiles, well adapted to life in their marine world. With streamlined ...


As both its common and species names imply, the overall color of this turtle is olive green. Like its sister species, the Kemp's ridley, it is a small sea turtle, usually ...