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What is an ambient light sensor on a monitor - Answers.com


It Is A Sensor That Detect Light So If Its Dark Your Screen Monitor Brightness Will dim down so you're not looking at one source of extreme bright light, When Its ...

Devices That Have an Ambient Light Sensor | Wearables List ...


Device includes an Ambient Light Sensor. ... Envrio-Tracker. Users clip the small device to their clothing, where it monitors environmental elements such UV.

performance - Monitors with ambient light sensors - Super User


Oct 19, 2010 ... Monitors with ambient light sensors [closed] ... what's the best way to set up a computer to adjust its video brightness relative to ambient light.

How to Disable the Ambient Light Sensor on an HP | Chron.com


Some HP monitors and laptops, such as the EliteBook, feature an ambient light sensor. This sensor detects the light level of the environment and adjusts the ...

Where is the ambient light sensor on a MacBook Pro? - OS X Daily


May 22, 2010 ... The ambient light sensor on the newer Unibody MacBook Pro (all models: ... and watch as your screen dims and the keyboard lights brighten.

A Simple Implementation of LCD Brightness Control Using the ...


Implementing such a system requires three sections: a light sensor to monitor the amount of ambient light, a device (usually a microcontroller) to process the ...

Ambient Light Sensor - W3C


Mar 29, 2016 ... Abstract. This specification defines a concrete sensor interface to monitor the ambient light level or illuminance of the device's environment.

Backlight and Smart Lighting Control by Ambient Light and Proximity ...


An ambient light sensor allows the system to measure and react to changes in the lighting environment. .... One SPI bus is used to control the LCD screen.

Proximity Sensor/Proximity Sensor with Integrated Ambient Light ...


The proximity sensor with microcomputer that can shut off the screen when human ... Proximity sensor and ambient light sensor integrated into a single package.

Screen brightness changes automatically - IdeaPad Y560 - Lenovo ...


May 23, 2016 ... How to Disable Auto Adjust Screen Brightness - ambient light sensor - Ideapad Y560.

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Light Sensors - Ambient Light Sensors, ALS - ams


Based on a patented dual-diode implementation, the Ambient Light Sensing ( ALS) devices approximate the human eye response to light under a variety of ...

The Importance of Ambient Light Sensors - X-Rite Photo Blog


May 3, 2014 ... Learn why utilizing an ambient light sensor is so important in your ... This is of course different if you a purchasing a monitor purpose built for ...

How to Turn on the Ambient Light Sensor on a Dell | Chron.com


The ambient light sensor on your Dell business laptop adjusts the brightness of your screen according to light intensity picked up from the room. In a brightly lit ...