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But be careful not to closely paraphrase; the structure, presentation, and ... Images used in Wikipedia may have their own, completely independent licensing scheme. ... Licenses may be granted to others, giving them the right to copy the work .... of art from museums around the world (works already in the public domain.) ...


The information presented here is only general information. .... the four factors that are used to evaluate fair use when they are deciding what and how much of ... Faculty may include portions of copyrighted works when producing their own ... freely available on the Web so that others can use and adapt them in their classes.


And the law allows certain limited uses of copyrighted material by others, without the creator's permission. ... photographs, paintings and drawings, sculpture, architectural works, ..... You may reasonably assume that a website has the right to include the .... Even if the percentage is fairly small, however, if the material used is ...


Nov 23, 2011 ... The goal here is to better understand how to use images others ... It has little to do with what we may think is fair, and everything to do with ... So you head to the manufacturer's website and right-click that image and save ... to allow copyrighted works to be used without permission for the benefit of the public.


The public auction of an art piece also may constitute publication of the work it ... Recent cases have found fair use where entire works were used in certain ... and websites about fair use as you try to determine how useful or trustworthy they are. .... How much trouble could I or my institution get into for making a good-faith ...


What materials may be used in the classroom or otherwise without obtaining ... Are there any special requirements for using art, photographs or images? 14. ... course of teaching a professor may photocopy articles, upload Web sites, .... remind students that copyrighted works should not be copied and redistributed to others.


Artworks and Scholarly Publishing in the Visual Arts. Supported by generous preliminary ... The code will be presented to CAA's Board of Directors for adoption. In ... others) art historians, educators, professors, editors or publishers, museum .... In fact, while permissions may be required for some kinds of artistic and scholarly ...


Within certain fields, (such as inventions) it may be possible to apply for a patent. ... music, artwork, etc., if a competitor used your copyright work, (i.e. copied or adapted ... As long as the content of works themselves are not copied or adapted, ... be legally regarded as a derived work; so if you simply adapt the work of others , ...


Why should others recognize and exploit the profit potential of your art once you' re gone ... Only a small percentage of artists become world famous and make tons of money. ... Making sure people see your art on a regular basis works. ... The prospects of making significant sales may not be great, but if you make an effort to ...


Can I use a work in my conference presentation? ... What if I got the work from a website? ... occasions will arise when you want to use the copyrighted works of others. ... In addition, some works published between 1923 and 1963 may also be in the ... or lines that is certainly fair (or unfair), nor are there specific percentages.