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Definition of on the right track in the Idioms Dictionary. on the right track phrase. What does on the right track expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom ...


Definition of be on the right track in the Idioms Dictionary. be on the right track phrase. What does be on the right track expression mean? Definitions by the ...


be on the right track definition, meaning, what is be on the right track: to be doing something in a way that will bring good results: . Learn more.


on the quiet idiom · on the rebound idiom · on the receiving end of something idiom · on the record idiom; on the right track idiom; on the right/wrong side of 40,  ...


Hi, I have found the meaning of idiom 'on the right track' - 'doing something correctly or well' in the web dictionary. I searched it in our threads...


Learn the meaning of 'on the right track' and other idioms with fun pictures and lots of example sentences. It's fun and easy!


(idiomatic) Using the correct general approach to a particular task or problem ... I don't think he has the final answer just yet, but he seems to be on the right track.


On the right tack definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. ... he's on the right tack there, or That's not exactly so, but you're on the right track. ... The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary


Idiom Definition - to be on track - to be doing something on schedule or to be progressing according to plan. ... 2) Obama is putting us right on track to socialism.


Hello students, it's Shayna, your teacher at EspressoEnglish.net and today's phrase of the day is “on the right track.” If you are on the right track, it means that you ...