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After Homer's speech about how women should not be seen or treated as sex objects, ... Both briefly appear again in "Lisa the Greek", living in an apartment in Paris and ... Mr. Bergst...

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It is no surprise that this comic hit the stands in early 1952, once we look at ... hood, body, and rear deck lid for engine cooling and to release trapped air. .... Although he wasn't paid, Buffalo Bob was eventually working four nights .... Puppet Playhouse featured me, a marionette designed by Frank Paris and ...

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Jan 8, 2016 ... ON THE COVER Much like Fiesta San Antonio itself, Sherri Kamp's hat is ... how many times those big red ants bit me. .... of Beaumont, started streaming oil 100 feet into the air January 10, .... She dances for the stream of visitors passing the .... After buying a trailer in 2010, Taylor—a Brownsboro native and ...

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The story of the New York wrestling trust always seemed too funny for me to believe. ... series of real wrestling matches, the like of which she has never seen before and ... In other matches, Hardboiled Haggerty beat Pat Meehan, Red Devil took Ivan ... Yokel started wrestling as a professional 20 years ago, after winning the ...

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Jan 3, 2016 ... Take a look at the list of names: ... This is one thing I really dislike about reporting about China. ... And of course, like every policy of the Chinese government, it doesn't ..... but we wish they would treat us like they did before,” she said. ... make me so sick in the heart that I sometimes wish I wasn't Ch...

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But, like rouge on a corpse, the New South is little more than cosmetic to prevent ... The more alert tourist in the Great Smokies will discover increasing air and ... One Tarheel native, the Reverend Billy Graham, allows as how the "signs are ..... She tried to put me off but I said I wasn't going nowhere until I got a library...

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Vernon history enthusiasts got a treat several years ago when local farmer and ... and John S. The Jacobus family--Garret and Simon (no relation to me). ... Alyea wasn't interested in beauty, but timber: the deed notes the presence of ..... the producers realized they needed Stehli to dub a groan in one scene. ... she sputtered.

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Was she an underhand comedian, trying to poke fun at air safety protocol? .... Luck wasn't on my side given school holidays were in full swing. ... alarmed when a t-shirt salesman took one look at me and asked 'you like One Direction? ... The first was mid-pub crawl, so I thought I'd treat myself to some extra time pretendin...

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When she called for the resignation of key legislators, the congresswoman ... Sheryl chose to abstain from eating chocolate, her favorite treat, for the .... to any new ideas, especially any that might suggest that his way wasn't the best way. ... Even though this word looks like one you may use and hear every day, be careful !

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Q: Once the salesperson realized I wasn't native to Paris she took o...
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Q: Once the salesperson realized you wasnt native to Paris she took ...
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A native of Paris is called a Parisian in English. ... Once the salesperson realized I wasn't native to Paris she took on a air treating me like a yokel? supercilious.

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Mar 2, 2010 ... At one point, sick of sitting around, the engineer had decided to take ... little bit about everything when a man with the air of a travelling salesman hopped out ... If at least it wasn't so hot in these goddamn cars, if the trees on the right ... tried to grab it, saw it flutter amiably over the yokels' Ariane,...