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Anisocoria is a condition characterized by an unequal size of the eyes' pupils. Affecting 20% of ... Tonic pupil is characterized by delayed dilation of iris especially after near ... agents will cause anisocoria, particularly if instilled in one eye.


Normally the size of the pupil is the same in each eye, with both eyes dilating or ... One of the most important parts in the evaluation of anisocoria is determining ...


Dec 20, 2013 ... Should I be seen by a doctor if one pupil suddenly has become dilated? I have not taken any drugs or had any head trauma.


Anisocoria is a condition in which the pupil of one eye differs in size from the pupil of the other eye. Your pupils are the black circles in the center of your eyes,  ...


The pupil is the black center part of the eye. Pupils get larger (dilate) in dim light and smaller (constrict) in bright light. Usually both pupils are about the same ...


There are 10 conditions associated with enlarged (dilated) pupils and unequal ... Adie's pupil is a rare disorder usually affecting only one eye, causing blurry or ...


Blurred vision and Enlarged (dilated) pupils. WebMD ... Adie's pupil is a rare disorder usually affecting only one eye, causing blurry or distorted vision in the eye.


Dec 4, 2008 ... Also-the research said sometimes higher doses of antihistamine could cause one dilated pupil, and I did take two doses of Benedryl to sleep ...


Feb 17, 2017 ... Both medications and drugs of abuse can result in dilated pupils. Dilation of the pupil on one side only is also abnormal and may signal a brain ...