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Far side of the Moon


The far side of the Moon is the hemisphere of the Moon that always faces away from Earth. The far side's terrain is rugged, with a multitude of impact craters and relatively few flat lunar maria...

China Plans Historic First Landing On Far Side Of The Moon


Jan 19, 2016 ... The reason we can't see the far side of the moon is that our satellite rotates exactly once per ... out of view, direct radio transmission to and from spacecraft is impossible there. ... Relay Satellite will be sent to one of the five Earth-moon ' Lagrange points'. .... The first Soviet piloted docking took p...

Launch Windows Essay - NASA History Homepage


Trajectory geometry constraints and spacecraft performance capabilities ... The mission planning considerations for the launch phase of the Apollo lunar mission were ... Booster Performance- A 90° launch azimuth takes maximum advantage of the ..... One of the most constraining requirements of the Apollo lunar landing ...

Full Moon Photographed From Apollo 11 Spacecraft | NASA


This outstanding view of the full moon was photographed from the Apollo 11 spacecraft .... One of the primary achievements of the second lunar landing was an ..... So, as the program got under way, NASA began planning for such simulators. .... If, for any reason, the astronauts had to take off in a hurry, scientists back on ...

The Plan to Nuke the Moon and Other Cold War Plots Revealed in ...


Sep 17, 2014 ... Wrestling with the huge steering wheel, a CIA agent carefully backed ... of a lunar landing module and declaring that he was taking a small step .... One reason to set off a lunar bomb, the study says, was to trigger ... space officials to know the abilities and limits of Russian spacecraft, then pilfer what worked.

Ep. 115: The Moon, Part 3: Return to the Moon | Astronomy Cast


Nov 18, 2008 ... Now we're going to talk about the plans to return to the Moon. .... map out the Moon, to take very careful altimetry data by bouncing lasers off ... and more data by taking designs we used for one object and using them to study another object. ... Fraser: This leads to the big reason this is all happening, right?

Why Is It So Hard to Travel to Mars? - Space.com


Apr 18, 2011 ... NASA aims to build technology that can take humans beyond Earth ... "One thing we have learned is that the Mars atmosphere is certainly a big variable. ... spacecraft that would eventually send humans back to the Moon and on to Mars. ... or hazardous weather at the location where they plan on landing.

Project Apollo: Americans to the Moon - George Washington University


move forward in planning Apollo and the lunar landing mission that was its long- ... “among the reasons for attempting the manned exploration of space are .... take the NASA job, but only after meeting with the President, who told Webb that he ..... separate spacecraft, one specialized only for landing on the Moon and one for ...

Apollo 18: the truth about the lost Moon missions - Armagh ...


Feb 22, 2011 ... The Apollo 18 film uses real NASA movie footage from the Moon (some ... A mere six months after the triumph of Apollo 11, NASA abandoned its plans for Apollo 20 in ... Schmitt was one of the 'scientist-astronauts' selected in 1965 for .... an Apollo mission taking off from California would have had to cross ...

About 'Dark Mission' - Summary of The Book


I mean, what's to hide regarding moon rocks, craters and space radiation? ... (d) No [NASA] information which has been classified for reasons of national ... Above is just one example of the ancient, glass-like lunar ruins photographed in person by .... spacecraft, which will eventually replace the Shuttle - and ultimately take ...

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Mission: Possible—How Can We Plan an Exploration of Another ...


exploration (e.g., Apollo missions to the Moon, bottom left.) ... The MESSENGER spacecraft is one of NASA's Discovery missions, which are ... Before any travel, it is good to plan the trip carefully. .... just a vehicle to take the instruments to the target .... landing. A lander mission is riskier than a flyby or an orbital mission...

Apollo 13 | NASA


An explosion on board forced Apollo 13 to circle the moon without landing. ... At 5 1/2 minutes after liftoff, John Swigert, Fred Haise and James Lovell felt a little ... helium tank in the lunar module, or LM, descent stage, so the flight plan was ... or Capcom, on duty, said, "The spacecraft is in real good shape as far as we are...

High Noon on the Moon (1991) | WIRED


Jun 29, 2014 ... All Apollo landings took place during lunar morning. ... For our moon, the time required for both one rotation and one revolution ... If one looks carefully, one might see that the part of the Nearside not yet lit by the ... moon, and lighting conditions were a critical part of landing site planning and mission timing.