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The Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifles are manufactured in Romania by the long established Cugir Arms Factory as result of a collaboration between ... 63), and GP 75 AKM rifles Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy ( AKM) series of Kalashnikov ... There are no known clones of the WASR series to date.


The GP WASR-10/63, however, is the "no-ban" version which makes it, more ... to it holding only ten rounds (WASR-10), but since this one is converted back to ...

Apr 29, 2011 ... My review of my first AK-47 rifle: The GP WASR-10/63. ... and metal, but make NO mistake, the WASR 10 is one of the BEST AK's built ever.
Jun 29, 2013 ... AK(M)-47 7.62x39mm WASR-10/63 ROMARM/CUGIR ROMANIA. ... Cheap vs Expensive Rifles - WASR 10 & Other Cheap Defensive Rifles ...


That means, that you can fire ONE round only, each time you pull the trigger. .... After 2007 the GP WASR-10/63 featured an updated front trunnion with added ... Cugir and SADAR are the two arsenals in Romania; however after getting ..... Serial numbers: Romanian rifles all have a serial number of some sort on them right ...