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Three weeks ago exactly I woke up with one enlarged tonsil, on the left side. Upon further examination I discovered that the swollen tonsil was.

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Aug 1, 1999 ... Swollen lymph nodes. Swollen tonsils (also called tonsillitis) ... For one thing, the person you caught HIV from may not even look sick. And the ...

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Many health conditions, such as tonsillitis, strep throat and quinsy can cause swollen tonsil on one side. It may resolve by itself, but you could need medical ...

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A peritonsillar abscess forms in the tissues of the throat next to one of the tonsils. An abscess is a collection of pus that forms near an area of infected skin or ...

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You have two tonsils, one on either side at the back of the mouth. The picture below shows large non-infected tonsils (no redness or pus). Picture of the tonsils.

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Sep 16, 2009 ... Simultaneously, there are too many tonsils still left in place when in fact ... It's also important to note, however, that tonsils can swell up not only after ... cold, you won't sleep as well, since you'll toss and turn more often than normal. ... jaws than our ancestors even a few hundred years back, mainl...



Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils most commonly caused by viral or bacterial infection. ... In 40%, symptoms will resolve in three days, and within one week in 85% of ... sore throat; red, ...

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It is a very common condition, most frequent in children aged 5-10 years and young ... In streptococcal infection the tonsils often swell and become coated and the throat is sore. ... as it is too slow and it fails to differentiate between infection and carriage. ... Patients with one or none of these criteria are unlikely to have GABS...

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Q: Why is one tonsil swollen and not the other.
A: Because your infection leans toward one side and does not effect the other. Read More »
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Q: Why is one of my tonsils swollen?
A: take a light and a mirror. Look at the back of your throat. Is there a small bump with a circle around it? Chances are you have a canker sore, or a mouth ulcer.... Read More »
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Q: Why is only one tonsil swollen?
A: I have strep throat right now and we have the exact same symptoms. Only one of my tonsils is swollen also. Fever chills etc. I started out with just fever and b... Read More »
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Q: Does HIV cause swollen tonsils?
A: Swollen Lymph Nodes and Swollen Tonsils are indeed a symptom of Acute HIV Syndrome. Other symptoms include a rash and/or tired Read More »
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Q: What are you sick with if only one tonsil is swollen?
A: Swollen tonsil or tonsils could mean a number of things. Strep, mono, or just a simple cold. Gargling hot salt water might Read More »
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