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Onions should be firm and heavy for their size. Avoid onions that have sprouted or that have an odor, or that have green or moldy blemishes. If you're prone to crying while cutting onions, try chilling... More »
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May 20, 2015 ... Can eating onions make you stronger? Find out the answers to these questions in these fun and interesting facts about onions.


Onion is a type of vegetable that belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae. This plant originates from central Asia, but it can be found around the world today.


During its long travel though history of mankind, onions managed to heavily influence our ... Here you can read countless interesting facts about onions.


Mar 21, 2017 ... There are less than 1000 onion farmers in the United States. Altogether, about 125000 acres of onions are planted in the US each year.


This page lists random and unusual facts about Onions. Nutrional information is also included.


Onions are a type of vegetable that are really a member of the bulb family. That is because the part of the onion that is most important is the bulb (ball) that grows ...


The amazing onion provides layers of flavor, color, and texture to a wide variety of dishes and cuisines. But, their appeal goes beyond flavor when you consider ...


Onions are high in vitamin C, a good source of fiber, and with only 45 calories per serving, ... Research has made the benefits of knowing the nutritional facts of ...

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