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A smelly belly button is often caused by bacterial or fungal infections. ... reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, cancer of the urachal tube and leaking urine.

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If you are experiencing any belly button discharge, especially of the smelly kind, you should have it checked. There are simple ways to relieve any pain while ...

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Aug 20, 2015 ... Having a discharge oozing out from your navel, especially if it is smelly, is not only embarrassing but also an indication of medical condition that ...

Belly button discharge - Embarrassing Problems


Reasons for belly button discharge, including Candida, bacteria, psoriasis, and what ... A year ago i tried to clean my belly button but ithink I've irritated it cause it  ...

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There can be several causes of discharge from the belly button (or umbilicus). Some of these should be medically evaluated. The doctors who could disc.

Belly Button Discharge - Embarrassing Issues


Bacteria, like their other microbial cousins, like dark moist places, and a bacterial infection can also be the cause of a belly button discharge. A fungal infection in ...

Why Does My Belly Button Smell – Bad, Meaning, Stinks Like Poop ...


Foul smell and a smelly discharge from your belly button can mean different things. ... Candida albicans, a fungus that lives in a warm and moist area such as the ...

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Sometimes it gets so bad I can smell it through my shirt and it crusts up around the rim of my bellybutton. ... Talcum powder will help to dry it but beware of the powder becoming moist and crusty. ... Stinky belly button is from Candida yeast invading the navel tract. ... I don't mean daily and I don't mean one that is draining...

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You mention weight issues, sometimes when you are overweight some areas ( such as belly button )that don't ever get fresh air, get warm and moist and can get  ...

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Q: What causes navel odor?
A: I have the same problem where my belly button smells. . that it is literally sweat and the fact that not much air gets to it that causes this to Read More »
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Q: How long should a navel piercing ooze and would that change with ...
A: My belly button piercing oozed for about a month and a half, but my friend got hers done and hers only oozed for like a week then stopped. The jewelry material ... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Why does a belly navel have a bad odor sometime.
A: Because of dirt or moisture still left there or unclean. Try to clean it out with mild soap ans water. Let's ! Read More »
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Q: Navel peircing and oozing?
A: A 4 month belly piercing is still trying to heal and still needs to be cleaned twice daily with sea salt soaks. If the pus is a darker green or yellow color wit... Read More »
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Q: The question which i am asking is , i bathe her every night, why ...
A: It could be an infection in the belly button.  There is a rare condition that some babies are born with - there can be a connection between the belly button and... Read More »
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