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Belly Button Discharge Causes and Treatments | New Health Advisor


If you are experiencing any belly button discharge, especially of the smelly kind, you should have it checked. There are simple ways to relieve any pain while ...

A Smelly Belly Button Can Be a Medical Concern | MedGuidance


A smelly belly button is often caused by bacterial or fungal infections. The symptoms may include secretion of pus or other discharges as well as foul odor.

Why Does My Belly Button Smell – Bad, Meaning, Stinks Like Poop ...


Aug 19, 2015 ... From a health point of view, when a belly button smells like poop, fish or .... button piercing is a foul smell or discharge oozing out of the navel, ...

Belly button discharge - Embarrassing Problems


I have been getting a white-ish smelly discharge from my belly button that seems to contain black fluff when i clean it .... Ive lost a lot of hair and always oozing.

Smelly Belly Button Causes and Treatment - Bye Bye Doctor


Causes and Treatment of Smelly belly button - Belly buttons that smell may ... to the buildup of pus in the belly button that oozes out and can give off a foul odor.

Smelly Discharge from the Belly Button - Buzzle


Aug 5, 2016 ... This results in an unclean, smelly navel. ... The cyst bursts inside and oozes out fluid that comes out and results in a smelly discharge from the ...

belly button leaked liquid and has bad smell. - Hernia Forum ...


belly button leaked liquid and has bad smell. . hai...now my age is 23..since from 15 years old, my belly button paining and sometimes leaked ...

What causes belly button discharge? | Zocdoc Answers


Why does my belly button fill up with a smelly discharge? I can't really describe it, but I've noticed that it mostly seems to show up in the morning when I wake up, ...

What Is Belly Button Infection? | Home Remedies by SpeedyRemedies


Jul 19, 2010 ... Belly button infection treatment in case of belly button oozing discharge .... as it actually is an infection filled with fungus. terrible odor, yellowish.

Smelly Belly Button - Causes, Treatment | Diseases Pictures


Dec 15, 2012 ... Very often the smelly belly button is harmless and mainly due to keeping ... people, it may build up pus like liquid on the belly that may ooze out.

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Belly Button Discharge, Yeast Smelly White, Brown, Yellow, Bloody ...


Aug 20, 2015 ... Having a discharge oozing out from your navel, especially if it is smelly, is not only embarrassing but also an indication of medical condition that ...

Navel Discharge and foul oder - Women's Health - MedHelp


Oct 29, 2006 ... My husband has the same belly button issues- no odor, just discharge after he picked out what he described as a sesame seed from within his ...

Belly Button Discharge - Embarrassing Issues


Oct 10, 2016 ... Occasionally the simple innocuous belly button can be the site of an ... Went to gp a week last friday with my belly button oozing and smelly he ...