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Should cell phones be allowed in school? |

Share your thoughts on cell phones in schools. ... OPINIONS ... I think cell phones should be allowed in school because if you forget something at home you ...

Should students be allowed to use cell phones in school? |

State your opinion about cellphones being allowed in schools. Find out what others are saying about this hot topic.

Instead of banning cellphones, schools should teach responsible ...

Feb 20, 2013 ... Cellphone bans in schools might not last much longer if teachers continue to find ... Anne Michaud is the interactive editor for Newsday Opinion.

Should Students Be Barred From Taking Cellphones to School ...

Nov 4, 2014 ... What is your school's policy regarding cellphones? Do you take a phone to ... Student Opinion - The Learning Network. Questions about issues ...
As a result, according to reports by public radio station WNYC, The New York Post, and other organizations, some New York City public school students are paying $1 a day to store their cell phones at local stores or trucks. While that fee may sounds like pocket change,... More »
By Blythe Grossberg, Guide

As Schools Lift Bans on Cell Phones, Educators Weigh Pros and ...

Feb 23, 2015 ... Educators continue to have mixed opinions about cell phones in the classroom. We recently posed the question on the NEA Today Facebook ...

Should cell phones be banned in school? - Scholastic

As a former New York City public-school teacher, I can tell you that cell phones don't belong in the classroom. A student with a cell phone is an uninterested ...

Cell Phones in School - Safe Search Kids

Policies vary regarding the use of cell phones in school. Here are some things to consider.

ED Pulse Poll Results: Should Cellphones Be Allowed at School ...

Jul 29, 2014 ... ASCD SmartBrief readers voiced their opinion on the cellphone debate ... If we use cellphones in school people will go onto social media apps ...

Why Schools Should Stop Banning Cell Phones, and Use Them for ...

Aug 29, 2011 ... Last week, a study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that cell phones have become “near ubiquitous”: 83 percent of ...

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Q: What's your opinion on cell phones in school ?
A: Well the consequences to your health-- studies have shown that cellphones cause brain cancer, that wont have a good effect on your schooling. The Rule in my sch... Read More »
Q: What Is Teacher Opinion On Cell Phones In School?
A: Out of sight out of mind. But the rule is to keep it in your locker. Read More »
Q: Opinions on ipods and cell phones in school?
A: To maintain the discipline it is necessary that these things should not be allowed in the schools. You might not misuse it but the others can. The cell phones f... Read More »
Q: How to Use Cell Phones in School.
A: 1. Turn off all sounds and alerts on your phone. While a loud ring tone will obviously disrupt the class and should be turned off, many forget that even when on... Read More »
Q: How to Block Cell Phones in Schools.
A: 1. Purchase a cell phone jammer directly from a cell phone jammer vendor (see Resources) Choose the correct size for your desired location. One classroom might ... Read More »