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Feb 6, 2013 ... Tooth decay is a relatively modern problem. The bacteria feasting on your teeth might have originated in the mouth of a rodent, and found their ...


... personalities have better success finding mates. November 11, 2015 — Karl Gruber. Oral Mystery: Are Agriculture and Rats Responsible for Tooth Decay?


Nov 11, 2015 ... Oral Mystery: Are Agriculture and Rats Responsible for Tooth Decay? ... Resurrecting Ancient Beasts, a Mysterious Disease and Other New ...


Dec 21, 2012 ... It lives in the nooks of our teeth, feeding on carbohydrates. ... Then the scientists compared all the human strains of the bacteria to Streptococcus living in rats, ... that cavities went from rare to common with the advent of agriculture. ... The connection between systemic illness and oral bacteria is fascinating…


Jan 6, 2014 ... “This is the first time we've seen such bad oral health in a pre-agricultural population,” says De Groote. Tooth decay has been found in a ...


If too soft the enamel will lack sufficient resistance to the acids of decay. ... metabolism, but also antagonizes the mineral responsible for decay prevention. ... issued monthly by the College of Agriculture, University of Missouri. ... just as has been observed by others who have studied the magnesium requirement of the rat.


Feb 14, 2008 ... Osteocalcin, for example, is a protein responsible for organizing the deposition ... of tooth decay, but completely reversed it without the need for oral surgery ... Even when rats are fed only K1, nearly all of the vitamin K in their salivary ... In a four-year-old boy who suffered from rampant tooth decay, seizures ...


Jul 10, 2006 ... We have used genetic and molecular techniques in humans, rats, mice, cats ... There are several facets of the human sweet tooth, and several academic ... is both sweet and poisonous and is responsible for a large proportion of .... without the negative consequences of too many calories and tooth decay.