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Organic foods are foods produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. Standards vary worldwide; however, organic farming in general  ...

Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious? - Mayo Clinic


Once found only in health food stores, organic food is now a regular feature at most supermarkets. And that's created a bit of a dilemma in the produce aisle.

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Organic products at Whole Foods Market not only meet USDA Organic ... When you choose organic food and other products, you're helping more than yourself.

Is Organic Food Better for You? - WebMD


Here's how to decide if organic food is worth the higher price.

Everything You Need to Know About Organic Foods


Organic regulations focus on farming practices and food production steps that can be monitored and controlled to decrease risk of food contamination and ...

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News about organic foods and products. Commentary and archival information about organic food from The New York Times.

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Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality ...

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These 16,000 Foods May Contain the Hormone-Disrupting Chemical BPA. News ... Organic Food is Well Worth Paying for - for Your Health as Well as Nature.

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Regardless of diet, organic foods are a smart priority. Opting for organic foods is an effectual choice for personal and planetary health. Buying organically grown ...

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Most people are aware that organically grown food is free from exposure to harmful chemicals, but that is only one small part of what organic is about. A larger ...

Organic Foods
The conventionally grown apple costs less and is a proven family favorite. But the organic apple has a label that says "USDA Organic." Does that mean it's better? Safer? More nutritious? Several differences between organic and nonorganic foods exist. Become a better informed consumer for your next trip to the supermarket...
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Organic Foods: Understanding the Benefits of Organic Food and ...


Is organic food really healthier? Is it worth the expense? Find out what the labels mean and which foods give you the most bang for your buck.

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Organic Foods. Man and woman shopping for produce Organic Agriculture (link is external). USDA. A centralized web resource center that contains all of the ...

Health Benefits of Organic Food | Organic Facts


The health benefits of organic food are more based on perception than real facts. However, the sweeping public opinion that organic food is healthier than ...