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Blue blood may refer to: Hemolymph, circulatory fluid colored blue by hemocyanin, a respiratory protein evident in most molluscs and some arthropods; Nobility, ...

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Blue blood" is an English idiomatic phrase for "noble birth." The term is an English borrowing of ... The term Blue Blood (aka sangre azul) has origins that may predate recorded history. It is very certain a number of factors may have created this ...

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Meaning. The blood that which flows in the veins of old and aristocratic families. Origin. A literal translation of the Spanish 'sangre azul', attributed to some of the ...

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Blue blood definition, an aristocrat, noble, or member of a socially prominent family. See more. ... Origin of blue blood. Expand. Spanish. 1825-1835. 1825-35  ...

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1809 in reference to the blood that flows in the veins of the old and aristocratic families of Spain, translating Spanish sangre azul, claimed by certain families of ...

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Feb 11, 2003 ... When you say that someone has blue blood running in his veins what ... "Blue blood" is actually a translation of the Spanish term "sangre azul".

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Aug 11, 2006 ... The term blue blood came to be associated with the aristrocracy simply because it was not uncommon in earlier times for European nobility to ...

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Translated from the old Spanish phrase "sangre azul", blue blood derives from the Medieval belief in Europe (among other places) that the blood of the royalty ...

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Jul 23, 2015 ... Since many of them were ultimately of North African origin, they often had quite dark skin in which the blue lines of veins were not visible.

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Nov 20, 1999 ... Blue blood. Q From Jennifer Bunner in the USA: I was wondering about the origin of the phrase blue blood. A Unlike so many other expressions ...