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Mar 21, 2014 ... Using the form of “o'clock” particularly increased in popularity ... The Origin of “ Say Cheese” and When People Started Smiling in Photographs.

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Define o'clock: according to the clock — o'clock in a sentence. ... See o'clock defined for English-language learners ... Origin and Etymology of o'clock.

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O'clock definition, of, by, or according to the clock (used in specifying the hour of the day): It is now 4 o'clock. See more. ... Origin of o'clock. Expand. 1710-1720.

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Apr 24, 2006 ... I'm interested in the origin of words like "o'clock" and "let's" - the question is what really " o' " and " 's " are in those words. What's their origin and ...

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O'clock. What does the “o'” in “o'clock” stand for? I've heard it means “of the”, but ..... But the comment about the Irish term O' meaning son of isn't only Irish it was ...

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o'clock (adj.) Look up o'clock at Dictionary.com: c. 1720, abbreviation of of the clock (1640s), from Middle English of the clokke (late 14c.). Use of clock hand ...

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We are expected to be there at six o'clock in the morning! ... Used to indicate direction on a plane, often vertical with 12 o'clock being straight up, representing a ...

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Nov 7, 2014 ... The practice of saying "o'clock" is simply a remnant of simpler times when ... The Origin of "Say Cheese" and When People Started Smiling in ...

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Sep 1, 2014 ... The expression o'clock first came about in English in the early 18th century, attested first in about 1720. Before that, of the clock was used, ...

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Nov 2, 2010 ... I have been intrigued by the word o'clock since I learned English. ... to know the origin of the term o'clock, especially why it has an apostrophe.

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Pronunciation: ê-klahk • Hear it! Part of Speech: Adverb. Meaning: According to the clock. Notes: Big Ben Lori Bates, who suggested today's Good Word, has ...

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O'clock | used after a number from one to twelve to indicate the hour of the day or night | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations.