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Southern American English


The Southern U.S. dialects, which have largely superseded an older set of dialects originating in the same area, make up the largest accent group in the United ...

What is the origin of the Southern accent in the US? - Quora


The Southern Accent is actually pretty diverse and though many of us (e.g., me) can't really hear the differences, the accent in West Texas is very different...

Origin of Southern Accent - YouTube


Mar 22, 2013 ... Southern accents come from the Scottish and the Irish, not a bunch of posh English .... I mean audio about the origins of the Southern accent.

Linguistics 201: The Dialects of American English


What is the origin of certain features of Southern English that cannot be .... People who are said to speak "without an accent" are actually speaking with this  ...

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Most Americans can tell a “Southern accent” from the speech patterns of other regions. Among many sound features recognized as Southern, one in particular ...

When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents? | Mental Floss


Jan 17, 2012 ... What a lot of Americans think of as the typical "British accent” is ... not long after the revolution, non-rhotic speech took off in southern England, ...

The origin of the American Southern Accent... Blew my mind [Audio ...


Apr 24, 2013 ... audioThe origin of the American Southern Accent. .... Basically the southern drawl is a slowed down elongated British accent and the Creole ...

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Mar 26, 2010 ... To my British ears, the southern American accents sound a little like southern ... It would be interesting if I could trace the place-of-origin roots of ...

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I've always wondered how the Southern accent developed and at what point .... dialect terms and pronunciations are actually of Scottish origin.

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Hi, Can someone please tell me what are the origins of the southern US accent. The more I hear, the more it sounds Irish to a certain extent.

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Q: What is the origin of the Southern accent?
A: I could only guess a lack of proper education? Read More »
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Q: What is the geographic origin of the southern accent?
A: Linguists attribute the 'drawl' partly to what is called the Read More »
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Q: Origin of Southern American accents?
A: The earliest of them were Ulster Scots, commonly known as Scots-Irish or Scotch-Irish. They are not Irish, but Scots who had been forcibly moved by James VI & I... Read More »
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Q: Where does the southern accent originate from?
A: The mix found in the speech of the settlers of a new place establishes Read More »
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Q: Is the southern accent an original English accent?
A: This is one very popular theory. It is often considered that southern accents sound close to what English settlers sounded like in the 1500s/1600s. (Obviously t... Read More »
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